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As a service to the community, Vale Web Marketing is keen to attract new contributors to VALE-WEB from "not-for-profit" societies, clubs, associations and other organisations in the Voluntary Sector, throughout the area. There must be several hundred such bodies in the area covered by our site and eventually we hope to be able to contact every one of them.

We shall be inviting every qualifying organisation the opportunity to take a sub-section of the site for their own use, free of charge, and (if necessary) be taught how to easily enter data. Each sub-section will have its own "Home" page, giving an overview of the organisation concerned with its aims and objectives and can contain graphics.

The sub-section will be maintained by the organisation itself and there will be no restriction on the amount of content that can be provided. Apart from informing people what your organisation does, you can publicise your events, publish a newsletter, recruit new members, maintain contact with existing members and appeal for volunteers. Whatever you want to do, you can do!

So if your organisation qualifies under any of the Sections listed to the left of your screen, then this facility is for you. It is a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness of your organisation via the largest and most popular community web site in the Aylesbury Vale area.

Whilst we may be contacting you in due course anyway, you can shortcut that process by registering on-line. If you like to complete the enquiry form we will contact you.

Find out how advertising on Vale-Web can increase traffic to your website
Find out how advertising on Vale-Web can increase traffic to your website
Find out how advertising on Vale-Web can increase traffic to your website